Fox Sports 1 has a lot of different personalities, especially with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe’s “Undisputed” show coming up, and they’ve elected to show them off in…a group chat?

This is pretty funny, especially as the interactions between these personalities all seem relatively logical. Katie Nolan making fun of Colin Cowherd for a “LULZ” feels appropriate, as does Cowherd’s lack of knowledge of Amber Rose and his “Hockey talk = poop emoji, Canada = poop emoji” back and forth with Jay and Dan. And poor Jason McIntyre and Nick Wright, restricted to “New Guy” and “Other New Guy.” But hey, couldn’t they make room for Clay Travis? He’s an important radio personality now, you know. Also, stealing Skip Bayless’ phone feels like a very Shannon Sharpe thing to do.

This ad’s further evidence that FS1 has quite the eclectic collection of people. There’s everything from the sports humor of Jay and Dan and Nolan to the hot takes of Cowherd, Whitlock and Bayless. The question is how it will do with the viewers, and if all these personalities will still be around for the long run. Otherwise, there may be more instances of “New phone, who dis?”

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