It’s December, which means it’s time for AA’s annual Year End Listapalooza!  We begin our look back over the year that was in sports media in 2015 with an invitation to get the popcorn ready and relive the top media feuds.

This year is an unusual list of feuds for a couple reasons.  First, no Richard Deitsch vs Darren Rovell! (Cue the sad violin.)  Second, there’s plenty of names on this list that you might not expect who ventured into the sports media waters with a bone to pick or axe to grind or other related idiom.

What do Sarah Palin, Jack Warner, Mike Francesa, and Bill Simmons have in common?  They all made our list of the Top 10 Sports Media Feuds of 2015….

10) Aaron Rodgers vs Dennis Dodd

We begin with CBS Sports college sports writer Dennis Dodd channeling his inner Clint Eastwood and telling all-world Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, “Get off my lawn court!”  Apparently Dodd wasn’t too thrilled with Rodgers getting preferential access, nor denying an interview, to which Rodgers responded to with the tweet above.  Bonus points to Rodgers for using the right “you’re” and knowing that an apostrophe would break up the hashtag.

9) Sarah Palin vs ESPN


Given our beat is the sports media, it’s always refreshing to see more and more people taking a serious interest in observing and covering the industry…. except for this occasion.  Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin somehow found a way to link ESPN to terrorists and Curt Schilling’s suspension and yes, that sounds just as stupefying now as it did then.

8) Jalen Rose vs Chris Webber


The relationship between the two former Fab Fivers has always been a little frosty.  This year it turned downright frigid as the two exchanged barbs through the media.  Webber knocked Rose for his part in the infamous 30 for 30 on their Michigan team.  Rose responded by calling Webber “delusional” and “in denial” and we’re thinking that it’s probably more likely that Pink Floyd reunites before these two do.

7) Dan Patrick vs Colin Cowherd

Colin Cowherd duct tape

The morning radio rivalry really could be a yearly entry on this list.  The 2015 version of DP vs CC included Cowherd dissing Patrick by saying he didn’t work hard and used his group of Dannettes to help him fill airtime because he carries his show solo.  That’s an odd criticism in hindsight because not only is Cowherd now regularly joined on air by Kristine Leahy since he moved to Fox, he also has segments that look suspiciously similar to Patrick’s content.  Hmm…

6) Mike Francesa vs CBS Sports Radio

Mike Francesa desperately needed someone to feud with this year, so who stepped up?  How about the entire CBS Sports national radio team.  It all began when Francesa criticized the single most polarizing thing in all of sports – the CBS Sports Minute.  Things only escalated from there with other CBS hosts joining into the fray before Francesa laid out a John Cena-like open challenge.


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