Mike Francesa

Late last week Mike Francesa spoke out against the plague upon the masses that is the CBS Sports Minute.  While the CBS Sports Minute drew a lot of Francesa’s ire, he also dissed CBS Sports Radio host Damon Amendolara for using his initials when he’s been in the business for only “15 minutes.”  (Amendolara’s actually had his own national show for a few years now, but Francesa Time works different than everybody else’s.)

The mini-rant was classic Francesa and Amendolara even had fun with it on Twitter.


But not everyone was going to take Francesa’s bombs thrown towards the CBS Sports Radio mothership lying down.

CBS Sports Radio weekend host John Kincade (formerly of ESPN Radio) dedicated EIGHT MINUTES of his program this weekend to blasting Francesa for blasting Damon Amendolara and the CBS Sports Minute.  He mocked Francesa critcizing Amendolara for using his initials in the minute and made fun of Francesa’s popedom among other things:

Let’s keep in mind that WFAN in New York is a CBS affiliate, so all of these guys are on the same team here.  I’m not sure that really matters to Francesa, especially with his public frustration with WFAN management… but the thought of a Mike Francesa vs CBS Sports Radio feud is pretty juicy.  Maybe not to the level of his feud with Keith Olbermann, but there is some real entertainment in Francesa giving the ol’ hand wave to hosts on the national side of the company.  Kincade even took to Twitter to rally support for solidarity among CBS Sports Radio hosts.

You just know that Francesa’s response looking down his nose at Kincade today is going to be tremendous.

[Video via Bob’s Blitz]

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