Last week we told you about Turner Sports’ plans to launch a competitve gaming league, to capture the growing fanbase that is out there for eSports.  It’s a progressive, forward-thinking move that doesn’t play on vicious, out-of-date, lazy, cruel stereotypes that all of these people are just nerds living in their parents’ basements without significant others and sitting naked in a beanbag chair eating Cheetos.  (I may have confused stereotypes about video game players and bloggers with an old Ron White routine, but work with me here.)

When one thinks to themselves about someone out there working in sports who still profits in vicious, out-of-date, lazy, cruel stereotypes, it’s Colin Cowherd.  In case you were thinking Cowherd’s tiresome act of belittling any and every people group imaginable changed after he was kicked out the door at ESPN… think again.  If you thought he’d learn his lesson and we’d get a kinder, gentler Cowherd at Fox… think again.

Here’s Cowherd’s rant straight from 25 years ago about how nerds are ruining the world or something.

That little vignette Cowherd played is a PFT Commenter tweet come to life.  No, it’s like something a 12 year old bully would say.  STUPID NERD CAN’T GET A GIRLFRIEND BECAUSE HE PLAYS STUPID VIDEO GAMES AND IS STUPID.

How could anyone play this clip and not think it’s awesome?  C’mon, man!  That’s our frontrunner for the best clip of the year.  Even if you don’t play video games, at least appreciate that someone who may not live on one of the coasts and make millions of dollars for talking into a microphone can enjoy it.

Thankfully, at least one professional athlete took issue with Cowherd’s “NERD ALERT” rant.  Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz tweeted this out as a small act of revenge:

This is Cowherd’s game and why he’s actually worse than Skip Bayless.  Cowherd paints himself as super-progressive and smart but in actuality he spits out the laziest most demeaning content possible.  He just now gets to do it at another network.

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