For some reason, my television landed on The Herd today a little after 12:30.  I was enjoying lunch and thought that a few minutes of Cowherd would be good for a laugh or two, especially considering the fallout of Game 5 of the NBA Finals and the criticism of LeBron James.  I know, I know, nothing good can come from listening to Cowherd, but I was in a rather gracious mood.  AA readers will know how we feel about Cowherd (he should be taken off the air) and the laundry list of his offenses over the last few years is too long to count.  Well, wouldn’t you know that in five minutes of listening to The Herd today, I was able to be “enlightened” by Colin’s thoughts on unemployment.  

Cowherd has often targeted the Midwest before for whatever reason.  Whether his target is Ohio State, their fans, the Bears, the Reds, Aaron Rodgers, Cleveland fans, and basically anyone that isn’t an intellectual elite from the Northeast or Los Angeles, he always has something negative to say about this part of the country.  He continues to befuddle listeners with his sweeping doctrinal, cultural declarations that are often inaccurate, offensive, and just plain insane.  Cowherd sees himself as such a knowledgeable beacon of reason and truth, but in reality he couldn’t be further from either.  Most of the time, in trying to make an inspiringly brilliant point, Cowherd says something so neanderthalic that it defies description.  He did it again today.  In talking about the sympathy he has for LeBron James (surprise), Cowherd actually made a very good point that the venom and hate towards James is unnecessary.  But, he just couldn’t resist saying something jaw-dropping.  Have a listen…

Never has someone continually insulted so many of his listeners and get away with it time and time again from his employer.  Cowherd can’t stop at the point of having sympathy for LeBron, which I would disagree with, but whatever, it’s his opinion.  No, Cowherd has to include these bizarre statements:

“I could argue that if you still live in Cleveland at this point, you’re bringing unemployment on, couldn’t I?”

“If you live in Youngstown, Ohio should I have no sympathy that you’re unemployed?  You’re kinda bringing it on yourself.”

“If you live in Ohio or Indiana rurally, you’re kinda bringing unemployment on yourself.”

Seriously.  Three times he says this about unemployment and “bringing it on yourself!”  I’m sure that Cowherd’s listeners in Cleveland, Youngstown, and rural areas across the Midwest really understand and appreciate the idiotic point he is trying to make here.  Don’t worry though, you poor people have his sympathy regardless.  And it’s not like these statements are taken out of context either.  It’s another example of Cowherd trying to make a ridiculous point and totally losing the plot in the process.  How in the world could someone justify this?!?!  As Ken Fang pointed out on Twitter, you can apply this crappy logic to anything.  

Does Cowherd not know the strife of people that live in Youngstown and Cleveland and some of these other areas?  I’d like to see Cowherd go door to door in Youngstown (whose unemployment rate fell to 9.1% by the way) and tell the people there that they are bringing unemployment on themselves.  I’d like for him to go to rural Indiana and tell the people there how much their life sucks.  Maybe he can send a damn sympathy bouquet too.  Don’t worry though, Colin has “sympathy” for these people, even though they bring their wretched lives upon themselves.  As a Buckeye state resident, I can tell you that these Cowherd comments may be the most infuriating of them all.  I know too many fine people that are struggling for their livelihoods with unemployment in these parts and doing everything but bringing it upon themselves.  It makes me sick.

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