You would have thought getting booed off the stage in Dallas would end it.  You would have thought Ohio State winning the first ever College Football Playoff and shutting up all their critics would end it.  You would have even thought a high-profile demotion and being taken off College Football Final during the offseason would end it.

But no.  Not even close.  Because nothing, save for maybe the end of time itself or an asteroid crashing into the earth, will ever end Mark May’s trolling of Ohio State.

Take a wild guess as to who May enthusiastically picked in Monday’s Virginia Tech-Ohio State game on SportsCenter…

Now Virginia Tech very well may upset Ohio State on Monday.  After all, the Buckeyes are playing on the road against the one team that beat them last year and they’re without a few key players.  And if that does happen, Mark May will be doubly insufferable and shove it in America’s face how he called this upset special… forgetting how wrong he has been in continually picking against the Buckeyes over the course of his career.

If only we could all be so lucky.  Why, if the rest of us could go through life like that then Charlie Weis, Mike Shula, and Ron Zook would all still have their jobs at their respective power conference programs.

The thing is, May has already lost this battle.  He got demoted, Ohio State won a title as underdogs when everyone (he included) picked against them, and there’s really nothing more that’s left to be said.  Except, maybe this…

Let the boycotts of ESPN by Ohio State fans continue.

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