ESPN2 aired a massive FOUR HOUR Championship Drive special last night talking about the Oregon-Ohio State title tilt.  The highlight was Ohio State fans on site in Dallas delightfully booing the ever loving bejeezus out of Mark May every time he was on the screen.

I haven’t heard this kind of heel heat since the days of Rick Rude running down all the fat, out of shape, inner-city sweathogs.

Observe in Vine…

… and video form…

This may be one of my all-time favorite videos.  The dominant Ohio State crowd in Dallas is totally respectful while Mack Brown and Jesse Palmer are talking.  But the second an iso shot of May is shown, the crowd starts booing vociferously trying to drown out what he’s saying.  You have to wonder if May was taken off the show to actually “get some rest” or if producers were too embarrassed by one of their personalities getting jeered off the stage so loudly.

Mark May’s ridiculous vendetta against Ohio State has been well documented by this site.  His biased analysis has been a Baylessian stain on ESPN for some time.  Even his colleagues have called him out on it.

May wouldn’t even admit on SportsCenter that the Buckeyes belonged in the title game after defeating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.  He just sat there looking smugly.  And he gets paid for this!?!

It’s almost sad in a way.  Here’s a College Football Hall of Famer who is now known to an entire generation as a punchline because he’s made a career out of being a television troll.  But don’t feel sorry for May.  He and ESPN deserve all the criticism they get for going down this road.

In the above video, when May walks off the set and says “keep watching ESPN” it gives you all the insight you need to know about this continued sorry state of affairs.  ESPN is shoving Mark May down the throats of Ohio State fans this week not because of his brilliant football mind, not because he’s the best man for the job, but because he draws a reaction.  That’s it.  You know what that says?  ESPN cares more about inflaming viewers than enlightening them.  What’s really sad is when the self-proclaimed “worldwide leader” in sports has to resort to such Rush Limbaugh like tactics.

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