This graphic on a Rangers' broadcast got badly screwed up.

We’ve seen many bad graphic mistakes over the years, but Fox Sports Southwest’s Texas Rangers broadcast appeared to deliver one of the worst ever Tuesday.

Update: Rangers analyst C.J. Nitkowski tweets that this was a placeholder graphic that didn’t make it to air. He tweeted it out here, and the unofficial Rangers Podcast account tweeted the photo 22 minutes later :

That Rangers Podcast account said it aired on FS Southwest:

In the graphic that was tweeted, every player is wrong other than Rafael Palmeiro, and even his last name’s covered up by the AT&T logo. Which led to plenty of jokes about corporate sponsorships going too far:

But it’s the player photo mixups that are even better, as they’re not even close. That appears to be Ichiro Suzuki as Sammy Sosa, Rod Carew as Albert Pujols, Adrian Beltre as Manny Ramirez and Roberto Clemente as David Ortiz. At least all of those players are foreign-born, but they’re nowhere near the people they’re supposed to be on the home runs list; Beltre is the closest at 38th in career home runs (regardless of birth), Clemente’s next (tied for 250th), and Ichiro and Carew are well outside the top 300, with 116 and 92 career MLB home runs respectively. And none of them look particularly like the players they’re supposed to be, or are even from the correct teams.

It turns out the photos are from the list of most hits from players born outside the U.S., while the names are from the stated list of most homers. Amazingly, Palmeiro is third on both lists, so they lucked out and got one right. But Rafael AT&T appears on neither.

This being a placeholder graphic makes sense. It seems likely they were building this based off the list of foreign-born players with the most hits, and converted the text and names to HRs before changing the photos. Nitkowski tweeting out the in-progress graphic was fine, too. But it’s unfortunate that someone misrepresented this as something that aired. We apologize for spreading that erroneous information.

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  • dishnet34

    Umm…according to CJ Nitkowski, it was a placeholder graphic and never went to air. He even tweeted it out:

    Just a bit of a heads-up, because he’s kinda *pissed* right now at this thing.

  • This is Awful Journalism. You don’t make your initial story error clear in this ‘correction,’ never mind apologize, as you should have. Instead, you double down, and attempt to justify your original characterization. Although you failed to confess so above, it’s fairly obvious that you didn’t even check with Rangers ‘cast team before running with the original story. Tbh, it’s sort of sad that you weren’t smart enough to pause and consider that you were witnessing the common use of placeholder graphics. If you’d bothered to call the Rangers broadcast team (Journalism 101), you’d have known. The underlying issue/story is completely without import (the fact that it’s unimportant should make it easier to admit error and learn from it – just saying), and the best of us occasionally skips steps or has a bad outing, but how you handle this/other error tells your readers a lot. Grade: FAIL. I’m only picking on y’all and writing this because it’s an apolitical, non-emo-charged example to point out how easy/often this type of unfortunate-but-human intellectual laziness occurs in journalism. Only it’s usually about important shit. Heads up, out there, kids.