TBS has gotten quite a bit of grief over the years from baseball fans from their postseason coverage. Some of it has been deserved and some of it has been just because the network hasn’t built up the necessary trust and capital with baseball fans over the years.

File their Game 1 coverage of the ALDS matchup between the Red Sox and Indians in the former category.

Just in this game alone, there were multiple screengrab snafus from the Turner Broadcasting System.

First up, the miracle that is Tyler Naquin becoming the first outfielder to start a postseason game for the Indians since 1948. I suppose that makes a lot of sense now as to why the Indians haven’t won a World Series since that year, what with outfielders being fairly important in baseball and everything. Were there a qualifier like “rookie outfielder” or “outfielder with exactly one ‘q’ and one ‘y’ in his name” then it would have made more sense.

Then there’s putting pitcher Andrew Miller on the wrong team.


Then there are the times when the stats read by the announcers and the stats on the screen simply don’t match up.

These issues with the graphics are unfortunately nothing new for TBS, who has a history of not even being able to get the names of their own analysts right sometimes, confusing all-time great shortstops with fast food pioneers.

The TBS production isn’t going unnoticed by baseball fans watching the Indians-Red Sox tilt tonight with the above instances combining with general complaints about the telecast like viewers wanting to see a pitch count or the new massively large scorebug at the top of the screen.



Hopefully it gets better from here because TBS has a long postseason of more broadcasts ahead of them.

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