Morning Thoughts While Cursing Paul Maguire

Well last night sucked as far as picks went. I was 2-3, and I think I’m going to simply pick by conference now. No offense to the teams playing, but today is by far the worst day of the Bowl Season. Navy v BC? Boring. Texas v. Iowa? Blowout. VT v Georgia? Well there’s not […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Game 15- The Champs Sports Bowl

“Champs was our first choice of the bowls who were seriously looking at us, this is where we wanted to go. We’re just absolutely delighted. The Terps will travel well to Orlando and look forward to it.” — Clemson athletics director Debbie Yow – That’s great CBSSportsline…..but Clemson isn’t playing in this game (Debbie […]

Early Games Announcing Open Thread

If anyone is stuck at work and wants a live-blog let me know. If not I’m going to just post random Announcer Comments for the early games here. “And Kentucky returns the ball 47 yards into Clemson territory! There’s Stuckey….he’s number one in the nation at returns.”- Dave Pasch, Umm wait…..which team does Stuckey play […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Games 13 & 14- The Liberty and Insight Bowls

The Auto Zone Liberty Bowl(Get in the ZONE!…..The boring ass matchup Zone!)Memphis, TN- Memorial Stadium Houston (10-3) v. South Carolina (7-5) Weather: Mostly Cloudy 64 Degrees, 30% Chance of RainPast Results (A ton….Bowl began in 1959): Last 10….. Dec. 31, 2005 Tulsa 31, Fresno State 24 Dec. 31, 2004 Louisville 44, Boise State 40 Dec. […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Games 12 & 13- The Music City and Sun Bowls

Wow…..5 Bowls today. This was the day I dreaded. Let’s see what I can put together. We’ll go two, two, and one in the previews. The spreads are Clemson -9.5, Oregon St. -3.5, S Carolina -5.5, Texas Tech -6, Purdue -1. Feel free to post your picks in this spread and good luck.______________________________ The Gaylord […]

Independence, Holiday, and Texas Bowls Open Thread

Going with only quotes of the announcing throughout the night in this spot. Join me in the comments if you will…… “John Parker Wilson lined up as receiver on the last play. It’s almost like an Arkansas offense where the Quarterback gets the direct snap.”- Andre Ware “Usually that’s a false start when they blow […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Games 10&11- The Texas and Holiday Bowls

The Texas BowlHouston, TX- Reliant Stadium Kansas State (7-5) v. Rutgers (10-2)Weather: Indoors Past Results (6): Dec. 31, 2005 TCU 27, Iowa State 24 Dec. 29, 2004 Colorado 33, UTEP 28 Dec. 30, 2003 Texas Tech 38, Navy 14 Dec. 27, 2002 Oklahoma State 33, Southern Miss 23 Dec. 28, 2001 Texas A&M 28, TCU […]

Don’t Start No S***, There Won’t Be No S***

Interesting story coming out of Miami……. According to the Miami Herald via the The Big Lead Daunte Culpepper confronted Steve Young after comments Young made during the X-Mas game this past Monday. Culpepper apparently was in a luxury box and heard Young say that “he’s been missing meetings”. Well Daunte decided to take matters into […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Game 10- The MainStay PetroSun Independence Bowl

Since this game is starting relatively early I figured I’d post it early. You can put your picks for all three games tonight here. There will also be another post later for the other two games. Got it? Good. ______________________________ The MainStay PetroSun (was unaware of the new sponsor) Independence BowlShreveport, LA- Independence Stadium Alabama […]

Dan Fouts Takes Us To Halelujah Land

Last night’s broadcast was just awful, but I think ESPN lucked out in the end. They lucked out because the game got so high scoring that there wasn’t any time for filler. If there was any extra downtime last night I would have lost my shit. Dan Fouts was just too damn funny. He ran […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Game 9- The Emerald Bowl

The Emerald Walnuts BowlSan Francisco, CA- AT&T Park Florida State (6-6) v. UCLA (7-5)Weather: Fair/Windy 56 DegreesPast Results (4): Dec. 29, 2005 Utah 38, Georgia Tech 10 Dec. 30, 2004 Navy 34, New Mexico 19 Dec. 31, 2003 Boston College 35, Colorado State 21 Dec. 31, 2002 Virginia Tech 20, Air Force 13 Player(s) to […]

Bowl Predictions- Contest Standings After 8 Games

Made another executive order in the contest. Most of my “friends” are out of the thing. I thought they would keep up with the contest, but in the end they have failed me. And besides, we’re playing for a Free Harold! T-Shirt here….don’t you think if they WERE my friends they would have already bought […]

Umm….Merrill……Seriously, Give it up already.

This Merrill Hoge thing had me chuckling at first. It was the beginning of the season and Vince Young hadn’t done anything yet. It was the perfect time to be a skeptic about Young and pile on. But now? Now you’re just sounding like a stubborn ass. Sure the Titans run the ball. Travis Henry […]

Live Blog of the Motor City Bowl

We’re coming to you live from the Motor City Bowl tonight. Your host……Brian from One More Dying Quail. Join him for the game at 730, and be sure to give him a hard time for me.- AA 7:28 – Your announce team tonight: Dave Lamont and Ray Bentley in the booth, with Vince Welch down […]

Bowl Prediction Contest Day 6- The Motor City Bowl

You get a special treat tonight as AA’s friend Brian from One More Dying Quail will be Live-blogging this stellar bowl game. Look for him in a new thread around 7pm for some after Christmas fun. Enjoy!_________________________ The Motor City BowlMiddle Tennessee (7-5) v. Central Michigan (9-4) Weather: IndoorsPast Results (9): Dec. 26, 2005 Memphis […]