If you’re up late tonight be sure to check out Stu Scott on Conan. Hopefully I can get some quotes and booyahs! for you to read during breakfast tomorrow.

Season 13 Episode 2339
2339 – ANDY SAMBERG, STUART SCOTT, SEAN LENNON 12:37am/11:37pm 12/20/06 TV-14

NBC: Conan O’Brien

…..and as far as Conan’s other guest, Andy Samberg. All you need to do is watch this video clip of him and Justin T’Lake on last Saturday’s SNL. Watch it quick because NBC always takes these down (NSFW).

UPDATE: I fell asleep right before Conan, so I missed it, but SBDaily had an exerpt…..

ESPN’s Stuart Scott appeared on NBC’s “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” last night where he talked about some of the phrases he used on ESPN. As he walked on-stage for the interview, an audience member yelled “booyah” to which Scott replied, “That’s original. That’s good. Can I write that down and use that?” Scott: “I just like creating words that aren’t words and creating my own little dictionary”

Sounds like it was a blast…..can’t wait for the video.