According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post…..Monday Night Football will be keeping the celebrity interviews alive for next season’s set of games. But they aren’t just settling for any old star….

“In my heart of hearts, they have felt better when they are A-List guys and they are more relevant to the game and it doesn’t feel like we are doing a hard turn away from the game.”

Rothman said there “is a chance” MNF won’t have a celebrity guest every week next year if it can’t get “A-Plus List, relevant stars.”

The thing I don’t understand is how they dub people as B-List. Is Belushi B-List? Probably, but McConaughey is A-List and he was horrible. That doesn’t make much sense to me……but who am I…..oh that’s right…..the viewer.

Marchand also assures us that Tony will be in the booth next year. But if he’s out…..Tiki would most likely replace him. Interesting.

There is no deal done yet, but a top TV executive said he is “99 percent sure” Tiki Barber will end up doing news and sports with ABC and ESPN. Barber could wind up as a contributor to Good Morning America and 20/20. If Kornheiser were to leave MNF, Barber would be the leading candidate to replace him.

B-Listers, B-Gone (NY POST)