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Charles Barkley said some very nice words about Ernie Johnson, before quickly going back to being Chuck

Ernie Johnson has a new autobiography book that was just released, titled Unscripted. He got the chance to promote the book during Saturday’s coverage of the Final Four on CBS, and he couldn’t have gotten a better endorsement than he did from two guys he’s sat next to for a long time, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley.

Smith was first up, and talked about how unbelievably unique Johnson’s life has been:

But what Barkley had to say was particularly great, especially because you rarely see this side of him. You could tell that Ernie was even caught off guard and getting choked up by Barkley’s genuine, kind comments. And… that was quickly followed by Chuck being Chuck:

Charles: People always want to know about people you work with, and I always start with, “Ernie’s the best guy. I’ve never met a nicer man, who’s great at his job.” But as a human being, you’re a fantastic person. I’m blessed to work with you.

I’m looking forward to reading the book. I’ll wait for the Cliff Notes version.

Ernie: There’s an audiobook too. So you can just pop that in.

Charles: I work with you and listen to you all the time, I’m not gonna drive around and listen to you!

Ernie: I appreciate the sentiment.

On a much lighter note, Ernie, Chuck, Kenny, and Clark Kellogg put on VR sets

And the producers had fun with showing us what’s in Barkley’s VR cam:

John Anderson nails it on the absolutely ridiculous Lexi Thompson/LPGA situation

If you haven’t read about Lexi Thompson getting a four-stroke penalty — and losing the ANA Inspiration because of it — due to a TV VIEWER EMAILING IN A TIP about an infraction she made THE DAY BEFORE, check out a post I have with much more on that.

But I thought SportsCenter’s John Anderson was spot-on with his commentary of the situation:

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