Charles Barkley says he used to shower in uniforms and Clark Kellogg can't stop laughing.

Before Friday’s NCAA Tournament game between Pittsburgh and Iowa State on truTV, Charles Barkley wanted to give kudos to college basketball trainers and team managers.

“There’s so much stuff that goes into this. Shout-out to all the trainers also, and the guys who do all the uniforms, to get these uniforms cleaned up and everything.”

Then Barkley’s commentary took a turn, and it led to incredible television.

“I’m so old; we used to take a shower in our uniforms, because we flew commercial my first few years,” Barkley said.

A bewildered Kenny Smith cut Barkley off: “Wait, timeout. There’s no era where you did that. Stop. You’re making this up. There’s no way that you were supposed to wash your uniform with it on. You’re making this up. No one in their right mind has ever done that.”

Clark Kellogg could be heard cracking up in laughter before telling Smith multiple times, “Let him finish, Kenny!”

Barkley continued: “When I first got to the NBA, we flew commercial. So, when you played the night before and flew the next morning, when were you exactly going to get your uniform clean? You had to wash your uniform yourself. So, after the game, when you got to your room, you took a shower in your uniform and dried it, and dropped it on the commercial airline the next morning.”

Kellogg told Smith, “That’s why you had to let [Barkley] finish!”

And Kellogg explained to Barkley, “You can clean your uniform without showering in it. That is possible. You can actually clean it, without showering in it.”

Smith followed: “You don’t have to have it on!”

Barkley responded: “But it’s easier to do it that way.”

That led to yell-laughing and loud noises from Kellogg as he and Smith stood up from their seats in disbelief. Kellogg: “Are you kidding me?!”

Studio host Greg Gumbel chimed in: “Chuck, you take it off, you wash it, and you put it back on.”

Barkley: “It’s just easier to clean that way.”And that line sent Kellogg’s laughter to another, hilarious level.

Amazing. That segment is an all-timer with great contributions from everyone involved.

[truTV; CBS; Warner Bros. Discovery]

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