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Having helped lead the Golden State Warriors to four NBA titles, it’s hard to find an NBA head coach with a more impressive resume than Steve Kerr’s.

But as Bill Belichick recently learned the hard way, the shine of championship rings only lasts for so long.

So after the Warriors’ 2023-24 season came to its disappointing end with a loss to the Sacramento Kings in the NBA Play-In Tournament on Tuesday, it was hardly a surprise to see several Golden State fans directing their ire toward Kerr. But as one notorious Kerr skeptic took part in a postgame X/Twitter Spaces session, he soon found himself debating Fox Sports’ Nick Wright.

As he explained, Wright joined the session after taking note of Jim Park’s posts criticizing the Warriors head coach during Thursday’s defeat. The former chief blogger and deputy editor for the now-defunct Sheridan Hoops website, Park has garnered a reputation for being one of the most vocal Kerr skeptics on social media.

“The only reason I even started listening was because I saw Jim in his mid-game manifesto lay all of this at Steve Kerr’s feet,” Wright said. “I think that’s laughable. And I think the idea that you’re going to say that with a different coach this team’s destiny would be greatly different shows a total lack of understanding of what an NBA head coach does and the real flaws with the Warriors.”

Park and Wright proceeded to spar over the former’s take that Kerr made a major error in not giving more minutes to Trayce Jackson-Davis on Tuesday night. Through it all, Wright remained steadfast in his belief that Golden State has much bigger issues than its head coach’s rotations.

“Here’s what I honest to God think, and I don’t think this is a controversial opinion: If the amount of minutes Trayce Jackson does or does not get is the difference between your team getting rocked by a Kings team in freefall and winning a championship, then you’re kidding yourself,” Wright said.

While Wright’s appearance on the Spaces was contentious at times, it typically remained respectful, with the First Things First host even deflecting Warriors fans bringing up some of his old takes that have since been proven wrong. And although they may not have agreed with him, most Golden State fans seemed to appreciate Wright taking the time to take part in their online therapy session.

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