Cavs-Warriors on Christmas. The Warriors again had the NBA's best local ratings.

Sling TV has been making a huge push to add more live sports offerings in recent months, including regional sports networks, league networks, and even UFC PPV events. As more and more individuals move to cutting the cord and ditch cable for streaming, these platforms are seeing value in reaching out to sports fans that may still be interested in watching their favorite teams and leagues.

Now, a year after adding NBA TV to its sports lineup, the streaming platform has taken the next step and announced the addition of NBA League Pass to its service. Sling subscribers will have access to League Pass for $29 per month on top of their existing subscriptions. It will also carry the League Pass single team option for $18 per month.

Here’s the announcement via Sling:

League Pass is now available on Sling TV for $29 per month with a subscription to Sling Orange, Sling Blue, Spanish-language and/or select Sling International services. Team Pass will be available for $18 per month with a subscription to Sling Orange, Sling Blue, Spanish-language and/or select Sling International services.

“By introducing NBA League Pass, along with its Team Pass offering as optional add-ons, we continue to give our customers control over their Sling TV experience,” said Ankit Bishnoi, vice president of Content Acquisition and Strategy at Sling TV. “Our customers appreciate choice in their entertainment, and we continue to deliver on that promise by offering popular content in new ways, at an affordable price.” 

NBA League Pass offers fans nearly 1,000 live out-of-market regular-season NBA games in addition to those separately available on TNT, ABC, ESPN, NBA TV, local regional sports networks and local broadcast networks. NBA League Pass is available on Sling TV on a monthly subscription basis. Customers who subscribe to NBA League Pass will also receive linear access to NBA TV.

In the coming weeks, Sling TV will launch Team Pass by monthly subscription. Available for all 30 NBA teams, Team Pass gives fans the option to select one team and follow their team’s live regular-season games included in NBA League Pass.

As developments like this continue to become more and more common, it’ll be interesting to see what (if any) response the traditional television networks have. Conventional wisdom would dictate that the viewers most likely to stick around for cable and satellite are sports fans because of the sheer tonnage of games shown. If there’s more sports offerings on streaming platforms like Sling, there’s even less reason to pay those ginormous cable and satellite bills.

For Sling, especially, the push to add more sports seems to be working. The company just announced that it now has over two million subscribers, making it the largest internet-based streaming service out there at the moment. And with the number of offerings like League Pass continuing to expand, there’s no reason why those numbers won’t continue to grow.