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In an effort to prevent subscriber churn, a pair of streamers are reportedly considering bundling their products together.

Per the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Paramount have considered offering a bundle of Apple TV+ and Paramount+ to subscribers for a discounted rate.

Both streaming services broadcast live sports. Apple TV+ has aired a Friday night MLB doubleheader for the past two seasons and has exclusive rights to the MLS package worldwide (which costs an extra fee), while Paramount+ airs the UEFA Champions League and also streams the full slate of CBS Sports broadcast network properties, including the NFL, college football, and college basketball.

Bundling the two products together comes as each has a churn rate higher than the industry average.

Both Apple TV+ and Paramount+ had a customer-defection rate—known in the industry as churn—of more than 7% in October, a higher rate than the 5.7% average for the streaming industry as a whole, according to Antenna data. Streaming companies typically don’t share data on customer defections.

Subscription prices for both services have increased this year, with Apple TV+ now costing $9.99 per month and the ad-free Paramount+ costing $11.99 per month.

After years of lamenting the cable bundle, the onrush of streaming services with growing prices has led us to the streaming bundle. While cheaper than the cable bundle, which could hit heights of $300/month for some providers in some markets, it’s no less frustrating to subscribers. But unlike the cable bundle, it’s far easier to walk away from the streaming bundle (or even parts of it) and it’s far less essential for subscribers to stick around month after month.

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