Boomer and Gio attempt to unravel Dov Kleiman

New York Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson was convinced his team acquired Aaron Rodgers because of a tweet from Dov Kleiman Monday afternoon. And that prompted WFAN hosts Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti to ask the question “Who is Dov Kleiman?”

Monday afternoon, Trey Wingo tweeted that he was hearing the deal for Rodgers between the Jets and Green Bay Packers was “done.” Kleiman aggregated Wingo’s tweet and overhyped the message as Breaking News, misleading Wilson and other Jets players into believing the trade was official.

“I ain’t gon fake it, I thought “Dov” bro tweet was the news break I was waiting for… smh. Idk anything. Sorry ab (sic) that,” Wilson tweeted on Monday, admitting he was duped by Kleiman’s tweet.

Tuesday morning on WFAN’s Boomer and Gio, the morning radio hosts questioned who “Dov bro” was after scouring his Twitter feed and concluding the NFL reporter didn’t have any reporting of his own.

“This guy Dov Kleiman…I don’t even think this man really exists,” Giannotti said. “He doesn’t report anything on his own, and he’s got hundreds of thousands of followers.”

“He took the Trey Wingo tweet yesterday of ‘it’s a done deal,’ and put it out there in his Dov Kleiman way, and that was the tweet Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner and Breece Hall saw. And Garrett Wilson actually put out there, ‘I saw my man Dov’s tweet about it and I thought that it was breaking news.’ But it’s not!” Giannotti continued. “All he did was ‘as per Trey Wingo.’ So this guy has like 149,000 followers and has never put anything out there that’s original…What does he do? All he does is take all the information and tweet it out…Who is he? What does he do? There’s no pictures of him. Is he a guy? Has he done any interviews? Who is he?”

Their attempt at unraveling the mystery of Dov Kleiman opened Pandora’s box, causing people to reach out on Twitter with various rumors and theories about who the supposed NFL Insider really is. If you’re interested in going down that same rabbit hole to learn about those potentially damning rumors, have a look at Reddit.

Later in the show, Boomer and Gio producer Al Dukes said Kleiman sent him a direct message on Twitter to declare he is a real person. Kleiman, however, declined to go on-air, stating he doesn’t like to do radio hits, but would be willing to have an off-air Zoom conversation to prove his validity. But at this point, the only thing we know, is that we don’t know who Dov Kleiman is. And as Garrett Wilson can attest, believe reports from Kleiman’s Twitter account at your own risk.


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