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There is nobody who has more fun in broadcasting than Kevin Harlan. While Harlan is the favorite announcer of many sports fans for the excitement of his calls, he’s also become the king of the ad read. Of course, Harlan could describe watching paint dry and make it sound exciting, but the fact that he’s able to have a good time doing ads for just about anything.

As listeners to Thursday Night Football on Westwood One Radio found out, that includes Vicks Dayquil.

At the start of the fourth quarter, Harlan gave a shoutout to presenting sponsor Dayquil and their “honeylicious” cough and cold medicine. There was a brilliant moment of self-awareness when Harlan embraced his reputation for the power of his ad reads. And also a warning to keep the medicine out of the hands of children because of its sweet, soothing honey flavor.

As soon as Harlan was done with the ad, his brilliant mind went into full gear, suggesting that he and broadcast partner Kurt Warner use “HONEYLICIOUS” for a touchdown call. (For his part, Warner said he would send it to his wife Brenda in a text.) Later on in the fourth quarter, he was able to work it in for a field goal, and I think we have a new announcing catchphrase that is entered into the sports media lexicon.

Check out the audio via Westwood One Sports.

It’s not quite Mike Breen’s signature “BANG!” but it’s close. If we get a “HONEYLICIOUS” call from Harlan during his NFL on CBS assignment this weekend then we will really have some momentum here.

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