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Legendary Yankees broadcaster John Sterling hung up his mic on Monday night, announcing his retirement. His booming voice, a staple for Yankees fans for decades, continued strong even into his 80s. However, the rigors of the MLB schedule finally caught up with him.

But Sterling’s legacy goes far beyond just longevity. His signature home run calls, highlight reels, and yes, even bloopers became ingrained in Yankees lore. Here at Awful Announcing, we’d be remiss not to revisit some of the career peaks and valleys that made John Sterling, well, John Sterling.

Sterling wasn’t just a broadcaster; he was a showman, and his signature home run calls were a big part of that. Here’s a look at how he personalized some iconic Yankees’ dingers:

Jorge Posada: “Jorgie juiced one!”

Alex Rodriguez: “It’s an A-Bomb! From A-Rod!”

Shane Spencer: “Shane Spencer, the home run dispenser”

Clint Frazier: “Downtown goes Frazier! That Fraizah will amaze ya!”

Starlin Castro: “Star light, star bright, Starlin just hit that with all his might! Starlin is darlin’!”

Didi Gregorius: “Yes, in-Didi! Gregorius has Yankees fans euphorious!”

Melky Cabrera: “The Melk Man delivers! That’s the Melky Way!”

Curtis Granderson: “He’s something sort of Grandish! The Grandyman can! Oh, the Grandyman can!”

These tweets offer a glimpse into the magic of Sterling’s announcing career.

Of course, there were also some blunders along the way. These became more frequent in his later years, particularly during COVID-19. Calling games remotely, away from the stadium, and well into his 80s, Sterling faced new challenges. While these weren’t his strongest moments, they added a touch of humanity and humor that fans of all stripes could appreciate.

And here is the final home run call of Sterling’s career:

And the final call of his career:

From iconic home run calls like “Bernie Goes Boom” at the old Yankee Stadium to his infectious enthusiasm and ability to weave stories into the game to the moments that showcased his lighter side, Sterling’s voice became synonymous with the Yankees’ experience for many fans.

That’s baseball, Suzyn.

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