Howard Stern and Chris Russo

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo respects Tom Brady the football player, but he has a strange one-sided feud with Tom Brady the radio host.

Brady joined SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio to host a weekly show alongside Jim Gray in September 2021. More than 15 months into his tenure with Mad Dog Sports Radio and Russo’s still hesitant to promote Brady’s show because the future Pro Football Hall-of-Famer never sent the recently inducted Radio Hall-of-Famer a thank you text. This week, Russo joined Howard Stern’s Hollyweird Squares and the King of All Media was fascinated by his bizarre stance on promoting Brady’s show.

“Somehow, Tom Brady, the legendary Tom Brady has a show on your channel and you are against it,” Stern said. “You refuse to promote it, you will not acknowledge it.”

Russo pushed back saying “that’s a little unfair.” And maybe it’s a little unfair today, but it wasn’t unfair as of one month ago. Brady hasn’t thanked Russo for graciously letting him host a show, but when Mad Dog was inducted into the Radio Hall-of-Fame last month, he received a really nice congratulatory message from the NFL quarterback.

“I feel a little softer now for Tom,” Russo admitted. “He’s only on Mondays at six o’clock, a lot of times I forget.”

You just conveniently forget about the fact that you’re a lead-in for Tom Brady every Monday night? I’m sure SiriusXM would be willing to set a reminder, considering Russo previously claimed “they’ve been begging me to promote it.”

“But for you Howard,” Russo continued this week on Stern. “And because Jim Gray helped me with the Brady, with the little clip that they used, and I have been a little priggish. 100 percent about being a little too, ‘I didn’t put it on, I’m not gonna promote it. Because of you and because I probably gotta realize my role now as you said is more of a figurehead situation…but because of you and Robin (Quivers), I will now on Monday nights in the five to six o’clock hour, I will now promote the fact that Tom is up next with Jim Gray.”

I’m glad that Russo was able to work through that and has finally come to grips with the fact that Tom Brady hosts a show on the SiriusXM channel that bears his name and maybe he should consider promoting it.

“Don’t do it for me,” Stern said. “Robin and I both don’t give a shit, we think it’s funny that you don’t promote Tom Brady.”

Oh no. Now what is Russo supposed to do? Promote Tom Brady and let down the greatest radio host of all time? Or appease Stern and let down the greatest quarterback of all time? Tough spot.

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