An image of Howard Eskin from a 2011 NBC10 Philadelphia feature on him. An image of Howard Eskin from a 2011 NBC10 Philadelphia feature on him.

A radio host tweeting about their show’s planned topics for the day is relatively normal. A host doing so with a seemingly-unrelated sideways photo of a woman is…less normal. But that’s what Howard Eskin, a long-time host on 94.1 WIP in Philadelphia, did Saturday:

That prompted comment, particularly from Barstool Sports’ Dan Katz. Katz first retweeted this with “Bonk,” a reference to the “Go to horny jail” meme.

Eskin then said this was a photo of his daughter getting ready for a Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles:

And that led to Katz offering another comment:

Katz is right; there was zero context provided by Eskin here at first. And this then led to some further jokes:

Perhaps the best version of this, though, came when Katz tweeted a contextless photo of donuts, and one of his followers came through with the meme.

Eskin has working in Philadelphia media in various roles since 1972, and has been at WIP since the station’s early days in 1986, hosting some of the first sports programming there before it eventually switched to all sports. He’s come up here a few times over the years, from condemning Gabe Kapler for writing about lube to calling the ESPYs with Caitlyn Jenner a “freak show” to saying he’d retire if the Eagles drafted Bijan Robinson.

Fortunately for Eskin, the Atlanta Falcons chose Robinson, so he didn’t have to live up to that pledge. That’s allowed him to continue his radio work, where he currently hosts on WIP every Saturday morning. And, in this case, that led to him posting a contextless photo of his daughter with a tweet around that radio work. We’ll see if there are more contextless photos to come from him.

[Howard Eskin on Twitter; undated top image of Eskin from a video NBC10 Philadelphia did on in him in 2011 when he was inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame]

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