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Dan Patrick is a legend of sports media, with multiple Sports Emmys to his name.

But the host of The Dan Patrick Show wants to win one more before he retires in 2027. Patrick expressed his belief on Tuesday’s edition of his long-running radio show that he and the “Dannettes” crew deserve an Emmy before the show ends in a few years, and his hope that the voting body will come through.

The nominees for the 45th Sports Emmys were released last week and the “Outstanding Studio Show – Daily” category included MLB Tonight and Pardon the Interruption but not The DP Show — or a single radio show.

“I’m not begging for anything here, I’m not asking for sympathy,” Patrick said. ““We’re going up against behemoths. It’s just us. We’re just a couple of guys here in a converted tool rental place.”

Patrick worried he’s not delivering enough hot takes to satisfy the judges.

“That’s why we’re not getting nominated,” Patrick added. “I think we open up with the Cowboys and the Lakers today, and we just have a Cowboy/Laker day and we just do hot takes, and see if that works.”

The 66-year-old Patrick, who announced last year he will retire at the end of his current contract, emphasized that he does not want to be honored after the show concludes — or after he’s no longer around.

“We’ve got three more tries and then that’s it because I don’t want to get one posthumously,” Patrick said. “When I’m dead, and all of a sudden they say, ‘You know what? On second thought, we should have honored that show because that show did spawn a lot of other shows.’ You don’t have Pat McAfee without this show. You don’t have (Dan) Le Batard without this show. We’ve left a legacy, but it’d be nice with a Sports Emmy for that legacy.”

Will the Sports Emmys give Patrick his wish and go outside the box to nominate a radio show in the studio category? They have three years left to do it.

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