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The Stephen A. Smith Show, hosted by ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith, has had a home with Audacy’s Cadence13 studio since it was implemented in September of 2022. However, on Tuesday, Stephen A. Smith announced that his podcast would be moving to iHeartPodcasts, effective immediately.

In a statement to Variety, Smith shared his excitement about working with a company he calls “the noted top distributor of podcasts” in iHeartPodcasts.

“When you connect with anything or anyone at the top of their field, the excitement can’t be tamed,” Smith said. “I’m honored to have their commitment and faith, and I can’t wait for their collaboration with ‘The Stephen A. Smith Show’ to begin — knowing even more success is coming down the road. Buckle up! Here we come!”

Will Pearson, the president of iHeartPodcasts, also shared a statement about the new partnership with Smith, echoing his excitement about the move.

The Stephen A. Smith Show features an extraordinary talent with a powerful host in Smith, who provides honest, unfiltered, and passionate commentary on the platform,” said Pearson.

Stephen A. also took to social media to share a message to his fanbase, thanking them for supporting his podcast.

“Thank You,” Smith wrote. There’s no ME without the support of you all.”

Smith is best known to the average sports fan for his role on ESPN’s First Take, which has provided countless iconic moments over the years.

However, the Stephen A. Smith Show has also provided some very memorable rants from Smith as of late that are even outside of the sports realm, whether that be answering hypothetical questions about who his “G.O.A.T. is in the hit movie Cars is or which Pokémon most resembles him.

In addition to Smith’s podcast, now available on the iHeartRadio app, it will still be available on other major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, on top of the show’s dedicated YouTube channel.

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