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Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit will apparently have plenty of company as announcers in the new EA Sports College Football 25.

Fowler and Herbstreit had confirmed their participation in February, but Herbstreit told USA Today recently that other announcers will also call games.

CFB 25 is set for release this summer, reportedly on July 19.

“Chris and I won’t be on every every game,” Herbstreit said. “You’re going to have different broadcast partners for different games. Depending on the magnitude of the game, that will dictate who’s calling the game.”

Herbstreit did not confirm any of the other announcers, but earlier this year, Rece Davis, Kevin Connors, Jesse Palmer, Desmond Howard, and David Pollack all announced they would be part of the game, although at the time it was speculated they would be on studio teams.

Daryl Holt, senior vice president of EA Sports, told USA Today there’s been plenty of interest from announcers interested in a spot in the popular franchise.

“We got calls from people asking us ‘Can I be in the game? Can I be a voice? Can I be a commentator?'” Holt said.

College football fans and gamers are stoked about the game’s return. EA Sports had not released a college football game since 2013 because of licensing issues, but that’s been resolved.

Earlier this year, Fowler revealed he’d been hard at work recording almost every conceivable play for the new game, including 70-plus yard field goals.

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