Credit: Paramount+

While the NFL is getting more cozy with streaming services, issues around Paramount+ involving Super Bowl LVIII might give them pause before committing too hard.

Many Paramount+ viewers are reporting slow loading, lagging, and crashing on the app as they attempt to watch the Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

Personally speaking, after waiting around 15 minutes for the Paramount+ app to load on my Apple TV, it took another five minutes for the app to open and give me the option to watch the Super Bowl. When I clicked “Watch Now” the app buffered and then pointed me towards the show Halo instead. With a few minutes to go before the game kicks off, I remain unable to watch it on Paramount+. I can watch the game through Paramount+ on my laptop, at least.

Update: At 6:40 p.m. ET, Paramount+ started working for me but has intermittent lagging.

It appears that different viewers are getting different error messages.

To be fair, a lot of viewers are reporting no issues with the streaming service, but there appear to be some inconsistencies for the biggest NFL game of the year.

Unfortunately for CBS and Paramount, this isn’t a new issue for them when it comes to streaming the Super Bowl.

We’ll continue to monitor the issue, which cannot make the NFL happy. They’re not only aiming for a Super Bowl viewership record but they need audiences to buy in on the value of streaming as they put more and more games on streaming-only.


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