Corey Graves Corey Graves on Short and to the Point

Host Jessica Kleinschmidt interviews WWE “Friday Night SmackDown” host Corey Graves. Jessica and Corey discuss a wide range of topics including becoming the host of “Friday Night SmackDown,” Michael Cole and Triple H getting him into WWE commentary, wife Carmella opening up about her miscarriage, working with Pat McAfee, Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 1:33: Welcome Corey Graves to Short and to the Point
  • 1:42: Becoming the voice of SmackDown
  • 3:04: Comparing preparation for an analyst to a host
  • 4:32: Managing the nerves
  • 6:11: Being yourself
  • 7:28: Being patient with yourself when learning commentary on the fly
  • 8:46: Developing a broadcasting style
  • 10:25: Tapping into the passion
  • 11:21: Lessons from Michael Cole
  • 13:13: Injecting drama into broadcasts
  • 15:36: Praise from Michael Cole
  • 17:48: Characteristics Cole saw in Corey to get him to try commentary
  • 19:08: Educating and entertaining the audience as an analyst
  • 20:25: Working with Pat McAfee
  • 21:27: Relationship with Triple H
  • 22:56: How is Triple H on the headset?
  • 23:38: Changes in how the media covers pro wrestling
  • 26:13: Comparing today’s WWE to the Attitude Era
  • 28:26: Walking out as a wrestler compared to as a commentator
  • 30:39: Retiring from in-ring wrestling
  • 33:18: Being known more as a commentator than as wrestler
  • 35:00: Announcing retirement
  • 37:11: What would Corey want “broadcaster Corey” to tell “wrestler Corey?”
  • 38:08: Carmella’s support of Corey
  • 40:45: Being open with discussing relationship
  • 44:07: Carmella opening up about her miscarriage
  • 45:28: Embracing the fact that both people in a relationship aren’t perfect
  • 48:02: Tackling parenthood together with their WWE schedules
  • 50:05: Cody Rhodes
  • 54:22: Needing to fail in order to succeed

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