Taylor Twellman Taylor Twellman on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews head Apple MLS commentator Taylor Twellman. Brandon and Taylor discuss a wide range of topics including giving Tom Brady broadcasting advice, Lionel Messi in MLS, leaving ESPN for Apple, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :38: Excitement for start of MLS season
  • 1:51: Transition from pitch to booth
  • 3:29: Not giving bulletin board material when playing
  • 5:41: Times Taylor gave bulletin board material
  • 6:55: Robert Kraft’s involvement with the New England Revolution
  • 8:27: Tom Brady
  • 9:33: Broadcasting advice for Brady
  • 11:17: Apple’s first season in MLS
  • 12:30: Issues or complaints from fans about MLS on Apple
  • 13:22: MLS embracing streaming
  • 15:41: Lionel Messi effect for MLS
  • 17:01: Can one player make such an impact for MLS?
  • 18:26: MLS talent level compared to England
  • 20:01: Messi with the media
  • 20:53: Different feel when doing Messi’s matches
  • 21:46: Transition from ESPN to Apple
  • 23:41: Enjoying doing other shows like “SportsCenter” and “First Take”
  • 25:33: Complaints from viewers
  • 26:08: ESPN daytime programming not putting enough focus on soccer
  • 27:45: Is talent or management more reluctant to talk soccer?
  • 29:32: Talking soccer with Stephen A. Smith
  • 30:47: Twitter post on leaving ESPN
  • 32:20: “What are we doing?” clip
  • 35:14: Realistic the USMNT should’ve won a World Cup by now?
  • 36:54: What’s held the USMNT back from making the World Cup quarterfinals?
  • 38:41: Working the World Cup as a broadcaster
  • 40:05: United States hosting the World Cup
  • 41:14: Reservations about going to other countries to play
  • 42:47: Soccer industry handling concussions
  • 44:36: Movement to make changes happen during matches?
  • 46:12: Heading in youth sports
  • 47:02: Diagnosed concussions
  • 47:47: Effects from concussions
  • 49:12: Support from others when speaking about concussions
  • 51:08: MLS referee lockout and starting season with temporary refs
  • 51:59: Inter Miami’s 2024 season
  • 53:19: Messi backlash from China after missing Hong Kong friendly
  • 54:07 MLS season starting in February
  • 55:46: MLS players not named Messi that people should know about

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