Danny Parkins Danny Parkins on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews Parkins & Spiegel Show co-host and co-author of the book “Pipeline to the Pros,” Danny Parkins. Brandon and Danny discuss a wide range of topics including Caleb Williams (very likely) going to the Bears, being the best man at Nick Wright’s vow renewal, breaking the news of the Jovan Belcher tragedy, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • :42: Writing a book
  • 3:46: Difficulties of writing a book
  • 5:57: Moments Danny felt like giving up on book?
  • 8:06: People who declined to be interviewed
  • 10:02: Jeff Van Gundy stories
  • 13:29: Duncan Robinson
  • 15:41: Will book change how DIII schools are valued?
  • 17:40: Sports media not playing sports stigma
  • 19:40: BrainUp
  • 21:56: Dealing with real things and sharing that with the audience
  • 24:10: Becoming comfortable with discussing difficult personal things
  • 26:31: Landing first full-time on-air radio job
  • 28:17: Kansas City and Nick Wright
  • 29:39: Jovan Belcher murder-suicide story
  • 32:06: Difficulty reporting a story like that
  • 34:21: Lines between sports journalists and radio hosts being blurred?
  • 35:49: Do aggregators make life difficult in terms of separating media journalism and media entertainment?
  • 37:51: Not sticking to sports
  • 40:20: Jason McIntyre’s comments about Chicago
  • 41:13: Colin Cowherd calling Danny the “most talented sports talk radio host”
  • 43:13: Feelings of ESPN embracing digital for shows compared to his situation
  • 46:41: Landing dream job at a young age
  • 48:12: Working with Dan McNeil
  • 49:28: Having a say in a co-host after Dan was fired?
  • 51:07: Caleb Williams
  • 52:37: Divide over trading the pick or drafting Williams?
  • 53:42: Fans concerned about Williams’ eccentricities?
  • 54:36: Being friends with Nick Wright

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