Bob Costas Bob Costas on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Host Brandon Contes interviews broadcasting legend Bob Costas. Brandon and Bob discuss a wide range of topics including his feelings on Donald Trump before and after becoming president, Bob’s infamous gun culture essay, how Tom Brady would be as a broadcaster, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown:

  • 1:07: Being selective with doing podcasts
  • 5:19: Thoughts about Joe Biden and Donald Trump
  • 13:19: Relationship with Trump pre-president
  • 17:55: Covering the Olympics
  • 19:50: Hearing back from China after being critical of them
  • 21:50: Responsibility of not “sticking to sports”
  • 24:14: Jim Nantz and the Masters
  • 26:27: Misconceptions surrounding gun culture essay
  • 33:47: Biggest detriment to the essay
  • 35:37: Can it be “not worth it” discussing serious topics when people can make their own headlines and twist around those words?
  • 36:34: NBC coming to Bob with issues they wanted him to talk about
  • 36:58: How did NFL owners and Roger Goodell react to some of Bob’s essays?
  • 38:04: Watching the NFL
  • 38:26: How will Tom Brady do as a broadcaster? Could Brady do this for a long time?
  • 40:23: Social media/aggregate media causing change in media
  • 48:41: Doing Later on NBC
  • 49:59: Can long-form interview format work on TV today?
  • 50:27: Why Bob feels he couldn’t do a show like Later anymore
  • 52:19: No studio audience on Later
  • 54:27: One thing in sports Bob would like to see happen before retirement

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