Joe Davis

On this week’s episode of the Awful Announcing podcast, host Ben Heisler is joined by Los Angeles Dodgers/MLB on Fox broadcaster Joe Davis to talk his career, advice from Vin Scully, how he’s staying busy during quarantine, and much more.

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Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 0:21: Podcast Introduction
  • 5:30: Introduction with Joe Davis
  • 6:35: How he’s stayed busy throughout quarantine/stay-at-home in CA
  • 8:47: Favorite spots around the country to find the best smoked meat in America
  • 10:04: First interest in broadcasting and how he started calling his first games
  • 11:05: The first broadcasters he emulated early on
  • 15:13: Getting letters/DMs asking for broadcast advice after he did it when he was a kid
  • 17:00: His college football days – was he good with the media as an athlete?
  • 18:25: His time in Montgomery, taking every broadcast and gig that he possibly could during that time
  • 22:20: What was his first “Welcome to the Big Leagues, kid” type of moment?
  • 23:30: Reflecting on taking over for Vin Scully after getting the Dodgers job
  • 24:41: The unbelievable advice Vin Scully passed along, and who he got that same advice from
  • 26:23: Does he miss play-by-play on radio?
  • 27:24: How he envisions the baseball season going post Corona Virus
  • 30:00: How will the Astros scandal discussion likely unfold once the season begins?
  • 32:57: How he’d like to see baseball improve/connect with younger fans
  • 34:30: If he’s had conversations on potentially adapting to betting information/more advanced stats into the broadcast
  • 36:15: RAPID-FIRE!

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Andrew Bucholtz has been covering sports media for Awful Announcing since 2012. He is also a staff writer for The Comeback. His previous work includes time at Yahoo! Sports Canada and Black Press.