Cam Jordan (L) and Mark Ingram.

There have been quite a few active athletes launching podcasts lately, and the latest one comes from NFL players Cam Jordan and Mark Ingram.  New Orleans Saints’ defensive end Jordan (seen at left above) and Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ingram (seen at right above) played together with the Saints from 2011-18, and now they’re co-hosting a 10-episode Players’ Tribune podcast that will see them interviewing many current NFL players. Here’s more from a release:

The Players’ Tribune (TPT), a first-of-its-kind media company developed by athletes for athletes to connect them with fans through the power of storytelling, today announced the launch of “Truss Levelz,” a weekly podcast hosted by NFL superstars and real-life best friends, Mark Ingram and Cam Jordan.

…“I’m thrilled to be joining The Players’ Tribune and reunite with my boy Cam to give listeners an in-depth look into the lives of today’s biggest NFL players and unpacking how they got to the top of their game,” said Ingram. “From swapping stories about life on the road to breaking down who’s got the better Madden attributes, we’re excited to let these guys show fans there’s so much more to these players than what they see on the field or in their Fantasy Football scores,”  added Jordan.

“Cam and Mark’s personalities, minds, and hearts are as big as their talent on the field and we are thrilled to welcome them to the team,” said Carl Scott, Head of Content for The Players’ Tribune. “Truss Levelz captures everything The Players’ Tribune is about – incredible storytelling, authenticity, and bringing fans closer to the games they love.” 

Here’s a trailer for the show:

As per that release, the first episode of ‘Truss Levelz” (to premiere this Wednesday, September 23 on The Players’ Tribune’s website and other podcast services) will include an interview with Saints’ running back Alvin Kamara. Other confirmed guests for the 10-episode first season include Lamar Jackson, Travis Kelce, Derrick Henry, Marquise Brown, Bobby Wagner, and George Kittle, and there are more in the works. We’ll see how this works out for Jordan, Ingram, and The Players’ Tribune, but it’s certainly interesting to see further active NFL players (and ones no longer on the same team) launching a new podcast.

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