Scott Van Pelt Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter in March 2023. (ESPN.)

The past year has been a whirlwind for ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt.

Between his nightly midnight edition of SportsCenter, his first year as the host of Monday Night Countdown, and plenty in between, it’s a wonder how Van Pelt has enough hours in a day to focus on other projects. As a result, his podcast, SVPod, was on hiatus for the past nine months.

Fans of the show can rejoice, however, as it’s coming back and will seemingly be better than ever.

Front Office Sports reported Monday afternoon that not only will the show be returning, but it’ll now be part of Peyton Manning’s Omaha Audio Network. And the former five-time NFL MVP will be making regular appearances on the show.

The relaunched podcast will come out twice a week and will feature Van Pelt, “Stanford” Steve Coughlin, and a rotation of guests. There will be a video version on ESPN’s YouTube, as well.

In a statement to Front Office Sports, Van Pelt said, “I’m excited to get back at this. We’ve been looking forward to the type of partnership that Omaha provides. I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside both Peyton and Eli in integrating the ManningCast into SportsCenter with SVP on Monday nights during the NFL season, and I’m elated to expand our partnership with this commitment to Omaha Audio Network. Stanford Steve and I can’t wait to get started.”

It’s not clear yet when the relaunched podcast will re-debut.

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