Mike Greenberg embraces Mike Tannenbaum after critical comments about NFL GMs on ESPN's "Get Up." Mike Greenberg embraces Mike Tannenbaum after critical comments about NFL GMs on ESPN’s “Get Up.”

Mike Greenberg’s die-hard New York Jets fandom hasn’t exactly endeared itself to his colleagues across ESPN morning shows.

He championed Aaron Rodgers, only to see his optimism dashed by a season-ending injury four snaps into the season. Undeterred, Greenberg clung to a miraculous Rodgers comeback all season. This isn’t the first time – he previously hyped Zach Wilson as a franchise QB, then did a full 180 on Get Up on Monday, absolving himself of selecting the BYU product with the No. 2 overall pick.

Discussing the Mac Jones trade to Jacksonville for a mere sixth-rounder, Greenberg criticized general managers like Mike Tannenbaum for squandering valuable assets. He pointed out how the Patriots, after three years, saw their first-round investment in Jones turn into a late-round pick.

“I just need to say, you freaking GMs sometimes, and I love you, but the bottom line of it is, the way they treat these picks, these assets that are so invaluable,” Greenberg said. “You just used a first-round pick, and in three years, the value of what you used got you back a sixth-round pick. The Jets used the second pick in the draft on a player (Zach Wilson), and in three years, they turned that into something they can’t give away. They literally can’t give it away. So, the GMs who treat this, ‘Oh, we can’t possibly part with a No. 3 for Justin Fields, maybe a No. 4.’ Go find people who can actually play!

“Don’t keep selling your owner, ‘Well look, look what I might be able to do with this.’ You know what? Every single time you take someone, it’s like the car that you drive off the lot of the dealership. All of a sudden it loses its value immediately. You guys sell this hope to these owners, but the reality is, three-quarters of the time, you’re just taking a flier on people, and most of the time, they don’t work out.”

Speaking for all NFL GMs under the doctrine of reciprocity, Tannebaum said they might have some grievances with talk show hosts as well.

“That’s fair enough,” said Greenberg. “As well, they should. I have the benefit of not having my name on the pick. My job is to sit here and entertain people; I’m doing that. I didn’t take Zach Wilson No. 2.”

No, that was Joe Douglas.

But Greenberg isn’t apologizing to the New York Jets GM. And Despite his on-air criticism, Greenberg wasn’t holding a grudge. Before the next hour of Get Up began, he gave Tannebaum a hug, clarifying that his earlier comments weren’t meant as a personal attack.

“That did not come out — it came out nastier than I meant it to come out,” he said. “It’s just a lifetime of frustration with failed draft picks for our franchise just sort of came pouring out of me there.”

“It hurt when you mentioned me and failed draft choices,” replied Tannebaum.

While Greenberg might have gotten a little heated in his criticism, the underlying argument about general managers was perhaps his most well-rounded take to date. This is despite some, like his daughter Nikki’s celebratory tweet after the Jets drafted Wilson, questioning his consistency when it comes to the Jets. Greenberg’s core point resonated with many – NFL general managers might be too hesitant to let go of assets, even when they’re not panning out.

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