Chris Carlin alongside Mike Greenberg on The Greeny Show. Photo Credit: ESPN Radio on Twitter.

The New York Jets are perhaps the most hyped team in the NFL heading into the upcoming season after their acquisition of Aaron Rodgers. And ESPN’s Mike Greenberg appears to be leading the charge of the Jets hype machine, which led to a hilarious moment on Thursday’s edition of The Greeny Show on ESPN Radio.

Greenberg had fellow ESPN Radio personalities Chris Carlin and Chris Canty on the show Thursday, where Carlin confronted Greenberg on his obsessive Jets fandom.

“Here is the problem,” said Carlin. “If we are really going to get into this, let’s get into this. Anytime anyone says anything remotely negative about the Jets, you walk over to that wall, you grab the (Aaron) Rodgers jersey, and you sit there and make them hold it. You are becoming a totalitarian dictator! And it getting tougher and tougher to take every day. You are making me hate the New York Jets!”

Greenberg appeared to be unfazed by this, even saying that he is fine with everyone hating the Jets except for Jets fans like himself.

“Well look, the last time we were good everyone hated us. They hated Rex Ryan, we were on Hard Knocks, and they hated him. People are hating the New York Jets. Hate me all you want, don’t let people hate the New York Jets.”

Bringing in a polarizing personality like Aaron Rodgers will certainly lead to some fans around the NFL hating the Jets. And that will undoubtedly become an even deeper resentment if they do indeed reach the expectations that people like Mike Greenberg have put on them.

[ESPN Radio on Twitter]

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