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Don’t expect Dallas Cowboys All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons to join Skip Bayless on his revamped Undisputed anytime soon, or ever.

After the Cowboys broke Skip’s heart over the weekend when they were embarrassingly knocked out of the playoffs by the Green Bay Packers, the provocative sports host had the gall to claim Parsons “is just not that dude.” On his latest podcast episode, Bayless criticized Parsons for going missing down the stretch.

“Micah Parsons, unfortunately, proved to be a better podcaster than a playmaker,” Bayless said. “I kept saying, it’s too soon, Micah. Unless you wanna retire next year and become a media member.”

Never one to shy away from engaging in a media beef, Parsons inevitably got wind of the criticism from Bayless and lashed out at the FS1 host on Twitter.

“You just a hating a– mf who mad I ain’t want to do your show?! Where was all this when you were on my nuts wanting me to come on your show every Tuesday!!” Parsons wrote. “You lame asf skip real s—, fake a– cowboys fan!!”

Harsh! Did Parsons really just go and pull back the curtain on those videos of Bayless heinously throwing Cowboys jerseys in the trash to claim he’s not a real fan? Who would have thought?

Parsons is right about one thing, Bayless probably was mad at him for not doing his show last season, although that may not have been the cause for claiming the Cowboys linebacker “is just not that dude.” Green Bay dropping 48 on a Parsons led Cowboys defense probably has something to do with that.

Last season, Bayless and his then-Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe announced Parsons was set to join their show every Tuesday morning. But the first Tuesday morning came and went and Parsons was nowhere to be seen on FS1. The Cowboys superstar ghosted Bayless and Sharpe. And that’s a shame, because based on Parsons’ latest tweet directed Bayless, their live television interactions, especially after a Cowboys loss, would have been something to watch.

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