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While Skip Bayless gives Kirk Cousins no credit, Keyshawn Johnson tried to give the quarterback too much credit.

Friday morning on FS1’s Undisputed, Bayless attempted to make the argument that Cousins is the single most overpaid player in NFL history. Cousins has already earned more than $230 million in his NFL career and has just one playoff win to show for it. But while Bayless was attempting to discredit Cousins’ NFL accomplishments, Keyshawn Johnson mistakenly credited him for too much.

“He’s 1-3 lifetime in the postseason. And the only win is ‘The Miracle.’ The eyes closed by the New Orleans Saints…That’s the only one!” Johnson added after Michael Irvin cited Stefon Diggs.

But there was one glaring issue with Johnson’s note. The Minneapolis Miracle that Johnson appeared to be referring to was quarterbacked by Case Keenum, not Kirk Cousins. On the play, Keenum hit Diggs for a game-winning 61-yard touchdown pass as time expired to knock off New Orleans in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

“Keenum steps into it, pass is caught. Diggs, sideline, touchdown,” Joe Buck famously said on the call for Fox, while Vikings radio voice Paul Allen was first to dub it the “Minneapolis Miracle.

Later in the show, Bayless attempted to correct Johnson by saying, “I don’t think he was in The Minnesota Miracle game, he won the one at Drew Brees. He beat Drew Brees at Drew Brees, that was his one playoff win.”

“Yeah, that was the one I’m talking about,” Johnson insisted. “I call it the miracle. The Stefon Diggs game.”

If you’re talking about Vikings-Saints playoff history and reference the “miracle,” there is no one who thinks of Cousins’ win in New Orleans. Similarly, if you’re talking about Vikings-Saints playoff history and reference “the Stefon Diggs game,” no one who thinks of Cousins’ win in New Orleans. “The Minneapolis Miracle” and the Stefon Diggs game were quarterbacked by Keenum.

Diggs caught two passes for 19 yards in the Cousins game, he caught six balls for 137 yards in the Keenum game. Bayless went too far when he claimed Cousins was the most overpaid player in NFL history, but we can’t counter the argument by altering history and crediting him for a win that Keenum deserves credit for. (This is not the first incorrect discussion of “The Minneapolis Miracle,” though.)


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