Kay Adams on ManningCast Credit: Omaha Productions

The ManningCast has become known for having three things.

Peyton Manning. Eli Manning. Quarter-zip pullovers.

The Manning brothers have made these dad sweaters their fashion look of choice and it’s become such a part of the ManningCast experience that Barack Obama even made sure to show up in one during his appearance on the Monday Night Football alternative broadcast.

The quarter-zip look doesn’t have to just be for the guys. So when Good Morning Football’s Kay Adams was preparing for her appearance on Monday’s game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Cincinnati Bengals, she had a simple request.

It turns out that the folks at Omaha Productions, which produced the ManningCast, were paying attention.


When the show returned from a commercial break during Adams’ appearance, she was indeed donning a dark blue quarter-zip, almost exactly like the ones both Peyton and Eli Manning were wearing.

Adams told quite the story on the show, saying that the dad sweater showed up at her residence via drone, thanks to the production company.

“Omaha Productions had a drone drop this out outside of my house,” said Adams. “That’s how incredible that crew is.”

However, in their rush to send over a quarter-zip, the production team might not have checked to make sure that they were sending over their cleanest one.

“I literally think this is one of your producer’s dad’s. There’s some lasagna on it, I’m not joking.”

While that does sound like an amazing feat of technology, Adams confessed later that the drone part was, in fact, made up. However, someone at Omaha Productions did indeed hustle it over to her place to drop off their literal dad’s sweater.

Hey, whatever it takes.

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