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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney has received a ton of flack recently for an expletive-filled Instagram Live rant, seemingly calling out his team for allegedly lying about his injury status for the AFC Championship. On Monday, Toney explained the situation, saying that his comments were taken out of context.

The Chiefs listed Toney as out for the game due to a hip injury along with “personal matters,” which prompted the response from Toney on social media.

In an interview with NFL Network analyst Michael Robinson during the opening night of Super Bowl LVIII, Toney discussed his reasoning for going in IG Live, detailing how his comments were “taken out of context” by those clipping highlights of the rant.

“In the process of that I got interrupted so it got a mixed message I guess you could say,” said Toney. “A lot of footage got chopped up in the release. So it made it look like I was attacking the one I love the most. I never attacked the Chiefs. I was referring to the Giants fans, the people in my comments, not even on my live recording. But I was referring to them, which I shouldn’t have. I wanted to go out there and get my message across. I shouldn’t have did that at the end of the day. I’m a man, I can accept my mistakes just like I can accept my wins, you know. But I’m just moving past that right now. We’re here trying to win.”

Even in this apology, Toney voiced some of his frustrations that still appear to be there. At the end of the video, he was asked by Robinson whether he is a No. 1 receiver in the league, responding that he is “if he gets the ball.”

Even if the expletives in his original rant were directed toward Giants fans and not the Chiefs organization, he did still undoubtedly call out the Chiefs for listing him as injured when he says he wasn’t.

Only he and the Chiefs organization know the truth about his injury status for the AFC Championship and whether he was truly hurt or not.

Toney did add that he is healthy for Super Bowl LVIII, which means that he may see some action in the big game unless the Chiefs make him a healthy scratch.

The third-year wideout did make a huge impact in last year’s Super Bowl victory for the Chiefs, famously recording the longest punt return in Super Bowl history against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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