Howard Stern on Jimmy Kimmel Live Photo credit: ABC

Howard Stern does not like people who mock COVID and he doesn’t like people who spread reckless rumors about his good friend Jimmy Kimmel, putting the King of All Media at odds with Aaron Rodgers.

Stern returned to the airwaves from his holiday break and first bout with COVID this week and promptly addressed Rodgers’ ongoing feud with Kimmel. Last week, Rodgers went on The Pat McAfee Show and insinuated Kimmel’s name would surface on the list of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates.

“What the f*ck is with Aaron Rodgers?” Stern asked. “I mean, what a f*cking vicious thing to say. You know what it is? When someone’s not witty and they’re in a feud with someone, nowadays, what they do is they just make up sh*t about you. They make up a conspiracy theory. F*cking outrageous.”

Stern and Kimmel have long been about their friendship, with the two even vacationing together on occasion. Naturally, Stern came to Kimmel’s defense after the ABC host was dragged into a public feud by a known conspiracy theorist.

“I got really pissed off about that,” Stern continued of Rodgers. “What are you doing? You can’t just make up sh*t about somebody in a public forum…Aaron Rodgers wanted to attack Jimmy, so he just made up a thing and called him a pedophile?”

So pissed off that he waited almost a week before addressing the issue! In Stern’s defense, Kimmel similarly waited a week to address Rodgers and the allegations that his name would surface on Epstein’s list of associates, which it did not.

In response to Rodgers’ implications, Kimmel has threatened legal action and challenged the New York Jets quarterback to issue an apology. But apologizing or admitting he was wrong about anything isn’t exactly Rodgers’ modus operandi.


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