Charles Barkley-Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers scoffed at the idea of entering the media when he retires, but Colin Cowherd believes he can be the next Charles Barkley.

During his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers was asked about retirement and whether he was more likely to enter coaching or the media. Rodgers requested an alternative choice, implying that he has no interest in either option even after seeing Tom Brady receive a $375 million contract from Fox. Despite Rodgers’ disinterest, Cowherd believes the polarizing Green Bay Packers quarterback can become Barkley-like when he retires.

“I think Aaron will be much more likable in retirement,” Cowherd said. “People forget that Charles Barkley was wildly controversial and at times unlikable as a player. Go look at Barkley’s track record. He’s incredibly likable as a commentator. He’s funny, self-deprecating.”

“He’s got brainpower, he’s funny, really bright, good conversationalist, has strong opinions,” Cowherd said of Rodgers. “I don’t see him as a guy that would want to be pinned down to a network to be a broadcaster, but I could see him being a guest here, a celebrity tournament, he’ll do funny commercials. I think Aaron’s gonna be one of those Charles Barkley guys that we kind of crushed him sometimes when he played. He can be a little mean, a little chippy, but I think he’s gonna age incredibly well.”

Not only did Rodgers brush off the idea of entering the media in retirement, but the four-time NFL MVP also said he can envision himself becoming a Sherpa instead.

“I think Rodgers will be a very iconic, smart, handsome, funny, engaged, doing things on his schedule, former NFL star,” Cowherd continued. “And he’ll be really likable, he’ll have a Barkley feel to him.”

The glowing compliments were a stark about-face for Cowherd, who admittedly has been hard on Rodgers in the past. It’s almost like Cowherd may have flipped his narrative in hopes of recruiting Rodgers to his podcast company, The Volume. It would allow Rodgers to be a Sherpa, while still showing off his iconic, smart, handsome, funny personality on his own schedule.

For someone as critical of the media as Rodgers has been, having his own podcast and selling it as “anti-media” would be a somewhat predictable path for the quarterback. Although considering Rodgers’ fame, building his own media company to host an anti-media podcast and narratives may be more lucrative than hitching wagons to someone like Cowherd.

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