Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers, a self-proclaimed expert on many things, doesn’t care what the sports analysts on TV are saying about him and his lackluster football performance this season.

Rodgers made his weekly appearance on The Pat McAfee Show Tuesday afternoon and the Green Bay Packers quarterback was quick to deflect any media criticism he received after throwing three interceptions in a brutal loss to the Detroit Lions.

“I’ve thrown a lot of those balls low around the goal line like that,” Rodgers told McAfee about the pick he threw to Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson. “I don’t know that in that play, there was some other things that could’ve probably gone on that could’ve made it a different type of window. But look, I’ve thrown touchdown passes many times. I don’t give a sh*t what any of these experts on TV have to say.”

The Packers are 3-6, Rodgers is playing the worst football of his NFL career and the schedule doesn’t get any easier with the Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles on tap. Criticism from those TV experts is only going to get worse if Rodgers continues leading the Packers to a losing season.

“There’s a lot that goes into all these things,” Rodgers continued. “For somebody to play armchair quarterback, who doesn’t know what the hell play we’re running, or what’s going on, that’s fine. I don’t really give a sh*t, to be honest with you.”

Despite Rodgers declaring that he doesn’t care what the media thinks, he’s oddly intent on running to various media outlets to make sure everyone knows what he thinks about everything.

Rodgers is an expert on football and knows more about the sport than most TV analysts. There’s nothing wrong with Rodgers being critical of the people who criticize him. If sports analysts can dish the criticism, they should be able to take it too.

But there’s definitely some level of irony in hearing this gripe from Rodgers, considering the wide range of topics that he’s portrayed himself as being an expert on in the last 18 months. If Rodgers disavows any criticism from TV analysts who don’t own his level of knowledge about football, then how does he expect the public to perceive his opinions on vaccines, psychedelics, media and politics?

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