Cam Newton and Brandon Marshall on the set of NFL Network's "Good Morning Football." Cam Newton and Brandon Marshall on the set of NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football.”

A lot has been made about Cam Newton’s comments about the current state of the quarterback position. And besides Jared Goff, who has played largely well this season and across his time in Detroit, Newton has appeared to be spot on regarding his game manager comments that took the NFL world by storm. Those comments saw Newton receive a lot of pushback himself, including some personal attacks that saw those like ESPN’s Kimberley A. Martin take aim at the 2015 NFL MVP for not currently being on an NFL roster.

“In the year of 2023 where it’s all about NFL backups, where is Cam? Not on an NFL roster, right?” Martin said. “He’s talking about all of these NFL game managers. He sounds like the people literally tweeting at me from their basement like, ‘Get back in the kitchen.’ Like you are at home, watching me. Like just turn the TV off. It just sounds so foolish.”

Well, Newton appeared on Good Morning Football Tuesday and revealed that there’s only one team he’d get back in the pads for — and it’s not the Carolina Panthers. Co-host Peter Schrager asked Newton where he was at right now, to which the 34-year-old quarterback responded, ‘The right opportunity,” to which he added, “It’s always been that.”

Before Netwon could go on a long-winded explanation, he was interrupted by Brandon Marshall, who implored him to get to the point and name his top three teams rather than give a long, drawn-out answer that would be reminiscent of their podcast.

“It’s not even three, it’s just really one,” Netwon said. “Me having a family now, it’s always been about family, and I don’t see myself leaving Atlanta. So, if it’s not Atlanta, I don’t want to do it.”

If Bill Belichick gets the gig in Atlanta, Newton could always reunite with his former head coach, but this time in the NFC South with the Falcons.

It remains to be seen if Newton’s dream scenario of playing in Atlanta under Belichick comes to fruition.

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