Brent Musburger Headshots of Chris Russo, Brent Musburger and Jim Nantz

CBS paid tribute to Brent Musburger and the original cast of The NFL Today this weekend with a documentary covering the show, and sports media veteran Dan Patrick is now leading a chorus of personalities calling for Musburger to join the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The decision-makers in Canton give one person each year from NFL media the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award. Longtime NBC producer Fred Gaudelli won this year, but the 84-year-old Musburger never has.

Appearing on The Pat McAfee Show last week, Patrick asked McAfee to help him lobby for Musburger to make the Hall. McAfee agreed to “take a stand” with Patrick.

Then, on CBS’ Super Bowl LVIII broadcast, Patrick’s longtime friend Jim Nantz called for Musburger to make the Hall during a tribute to this year’s entrants.

In an interview on his own Dan Patrick Show on Monday, Patrick broached the subject with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, who was dumbfounded when he realized Musburger was not in the Hall.

“That’s the biggest disgrace in the world,” Russo said. “Brent Musburger, who’s covered the NFL since 1963?”

Russo told Patrick he would be more public with his campaigning as well.

“It is an absolute, unmitigated disaster that they can’t find a way to get Brent into the Hall of Fame,” Russo added.

As recently as this season, Musburger broadcast a pregame show covering NFL Sundays for DraftKings Network.

His NFL Today alongside Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder was pioneering in structure (it was one of the first morning pregame shows) and themes (it covered gambling way before most).

Patrick successfully lobbied for John Facenda to make the Hall previously, and his efforts here appear to be off to a good start.

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