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Aaron Rodgers intends to bring more love, hope, and excitement into this world. The New York Jets quarterback also intends to stand up for people and oppose corruption. He may not always be right, but he sure does research a lot of stuff.

He recently appeared on the icanflypod, which has 1.7k subscribers on YouTube. It’s a relatively unknown podcast hosted by Morgan Hoffmann and Jeg Coughlin III, a former professional golfer and the son of an NHRA driver. The two have also interviewed Rory McIlroy and Jack Nicklaus, in addition to Rodgers. Infamously, Rodgers went on a little-known conspiracy theory podcast just last month that made plenty of headlines.

Their two-plus-hour conversation with Rodgers is based on a core value of the podcast: conversations become inspiration. Rodgers succeeded in discussing a variety of topics, including but not limited to plant medicine, leadership, self-love, and his hopes for the future.

It also went off the rails just a smidge.


“I research a lot of stuff — things I believe in, things that question my beliefs,” said Rodgers. “There’s both sides that don’t like you doing that. You know, I grew up under a religion that didn’t like being questioned, but I always felt like questioning your belief system is how it becomes an innate part of your ideology…I said a line that wasn’t my line. I said, ‘ Science that can’t be questioned isn’t Science anymore; it’s propaganda. Take Science out; put the government in there; put Military-Industrial complexes; put all these different things that are coming at us in life. If they can’t be questioned, then something else is going on.”

“I got a platform to speak. Some people hate it; some people want to shut me up,” he continued. “I mean, I got mentioned as a finalist to be on a Vice President on a ticket, and they ******* attacked me with some bizarre story from years ago that was a third-hand account or something. They’re terrified; they’re terrified of people who think for themselves and aren’t controlled. I’m not beholden to anybody. I have a contract that can get cut at any point. I have very few sponsors now. They’re all people that I really believe in that there’s some sort of equity investment in it. But I’m not controlled. Nobody controls my messaging. Nobody controls my social media. Nobody can control me. I think for myself; I speak for myself. And that’s dangerous to an establishment that wants more power, control and obedience. And me, personally, I’m not seeding any of those to the people that don’t have my best interest at heart.”

Rodgers, of course, is addressing a recent CNN report by Pamela Brown and Jake Tapper. The report alleged Rodgers privately endorsed a conspiracy theory, twice stating the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a government hoax.

This December 2012 tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, claimed 26 lives, including 20 young children. The rumors about Rodgers surfaced when he was briefly considered a potential running mate for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a possibility Rodgers has never publicly acknowledged. But he did break his silence to deny ever believing the Sandy Hook events were staged clearly.

Eventually, the discussion turned to his relationship with Kennedy and the reasons behind his profound admiration for him. But first, he also went on a deep tangent about Covid while prefacing his comments about taking responsibility for his platform and acknowledging the “courageous people” who have faced consequences for speaking out against powerful entities.

“There are a lot of really courageous people who lost their jobs, livelihoods, business, and got kicked off social media,” said Rodgers. “I mean, Bobby got kicked off social media — and he’s fought against the powers that be his entire life. He’s sued the EPA countless times and won every single case of corruption, pollution, whatever it was doing. And then, got involved in children’s health defense network and helping vaccine injury stuff. He’s a hero. He’s stood up time and time again. And there are thousands and thousands and thousands of people like that who are heroes in their own way and have stood up.

“Not everyone has a platform. Not everyone can go on The Pat McAfee Show whenever they want and talk their **** and have people listen to it. So, I take that responsibility to heart. I took it to heart when they sent literally a pharma stooge, paid by the NFL to come to our team in 2021 and talk to us about vaccine rates and all this other bull****, as I’m in this appeal with the NFL, which hinges on them — it doesn’t hinge on this, but they called me in the process a conspiracy theorist for insinuating that getting the vaccine, you could still contract and transmit Covid. When literally we had five scouts out Day 1, all fully vaxxed — had Covid. I mean, what kind of ridiculous, backward world are we living in, and still, we haven’t quite come out? No one’s been held accountable.”

And get ready for this: Rodgers is still the only person talking about Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“I mean, read the real Anthony Fauci by Bobby — Bobby’s book,” he continued. “It’s ******* unbelievable, and it’s the scariest thing ever. And you realize this ****’s been going on for decades. Read ‘Dissolving Illusions,’ that’s a fantastic book about the history of chronic disease in this country; it changes your whole perspective on everything. And Bobby, to his credit, wrote this expose on Fauci, who’s been the highest-paid government official, who’s been in the government forever for all these pandemics he’s been in charge of — never held accountable. Everything that Bobby said in the book is wild, crazy information that makes you sick to your stomach. Hasn’t been sued. Why? Probably all true. Otherwise, he’d be sued.

“It’s like, what are we even talking about here? Again, there’s a group of people that don’t want you to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They don’t want you to be healthy, wealthy and wise…At the same time, there’s a lot of people waking up.”

Does that mean Aaron Rodgers is woke?

“I’ve always thought politics is a total sham,” Rodgers added. “I did a project on JFK when I was in high school, which opened my eyes to what was really going on as I read this narrative — The Warren Commission. I was like, this is bull****. And then, as you get deeper into it, you realize he was one — if not the last — true president who fought against the powers that be, who fought against the shadow government, who fought against the deep state and was killed for it. But not just JFK. People forget that RFK was killed as well — his brother, Bobby Kennedy’s father, was also killed. And he fought against the powers that be. I’m proud to support Bobby. I think he’s an incredible man. I think he has a vision to change the country. I don’t know that it’s that easy.

“But there was just a major change in Argentina. I have a dear friend who is Argentinian, and what’s gone on there in a matter of a few months, balancing the budget, that whole change, and a return of nationalist pride — proud to be an Argentinian…Like, I’m a red-blooded American. I love this country. My grandfather fought in the Second World War. I’ve always been a huge supporter of the troops — the men and women who are willing to lay their lives on the line. And some of these wars that we’ve fought are absolutely horse****, and we’re lying the pockets of the Lockheed Martins of the world and fighting these proxy wars all over the world, unfortunately. But the ******* men and women in uniform, I love them, and I get emotional when I hear the national anthem before games. I get emotional when I hear Lee Greenwood’s ‘Proud to be an American.’ And I think we need a little bit more of that. I think we lost that appreciation perspective.”

Rodgers then waxed poetic about Aaron Sorkin, The Newsroom, and the opening scene in the pilot, where Jeff Daniels explained why America wasn’t the greatest country in the world, but it could be.

“That’s the hope that I think Bobby can give us. That hope that life can be different” said Rodgers. “And just the fact that I was mentioned, I’m sure people were like, ‘Oh, he has no political experience.’ How’s that worked out so far? How’s that worked out in our government? All these ******* bums who’ve been in government forever, who are insider trading like crazy and lining their pockets during their terms and post-career; how’s that working out? How’s that working out for the average middle-class like I grew up? How’s that working out for those people? Not too good…homelessness, unemployment. How’s that working out?

“As we give billions of dollars to Ukraine to fight a proxy war. We have a Southern border that’s being invaded. If you listen to Mr. (Bert) Weinstein on (The Joe Rogan Experience), it’s pretty scary some of the stuff that’s going on. The different camps that are down there of individuals. Some people, including Chinese nationals of a military age, other South American, Central American people, etc.A lot of scary stuff there. But just the country’s in a bad place. It’s not gonna get better with Weekend at Bernies (Joe Biden), who can barely put a sentence together — if that’s even him.

“It’s not gonna get better — I don’t think — with Mr. President Trump, who had four years to do it, and kept Anthony Fauci in charge after his record on AIDS with AZT and all these other ridiculous supposed pandemics that he was in charge of. And how the chronic disease level since he’s been in some sort of office in the 80s has exponentially gotten worse. Autism rates have exponentially gotten worse. Childhood diseases, comorbidities, just the general health and wellness of our society…Now, you have a high percentage of kids that are obese, a high percentage of adults who are morbidly obese. The majority of people who died from Covid had at least three comorbidities that they were dealing with. We’re not getting better having these people in charge, so why not make a change?”

Rodgers said he’s going to support Kennedy and keep spreading his message while claiming that the two-party system we have doesn’t work and hasn’t since JFK was in office.

To cap it all off, Rodgers linked Hillary Clinton with the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. saying that there was some kind of “weird coincidence” that only he is apparently aware of.

“We need somebody who’s willing to lay it all on the line,” said Rodgers. “That’s what I love about Bobby. Think about it. They killed his uncle; they killed his dad. We know the CIA was involved. I mean, they can’t declassify it because it was so damning. We know the FBI was involved (J. Edgar). Hoover hated the Kennedys; they hated them. Allen Dulles was fired as the director of the CIA after he botched the Bay of Pigs and tried to get Operation Northwoods to happen to really start World War III and invade Cuba. He was fired. He was on ******* Warren Commission, as was Gerald Ford, who was the right-hand man of J. Edgar Hoover, who hated the Kennedys. We know they’re involved.

“So, Bobby loses his uncle (JFK) and his father (RFK). His cousin (JFK Jr.) dies in a plane crash when he was running against Hillary Clinton. I’m not saying that was a conspiracy, but it’s kind of a weird coincidence. Bobby’s in danger. He’s putting himself on the line. Why? Because he ******* believes in this country. He believes in the good in people, and he’s willing to make a difference. That’s somebody I can get behind, who’s willing to lay it on the line because that is — like I said earlier — the archetype of everything we love about Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, everything we love about Frodo and Sam and Aragorn and Gandalf and Merry and Pip. Everything we love about Gamora, Groot, Rocket, Drax, and Chris Pratt’s character in Guardians. These people, they believe in something. Sometimes I can’t even explain it…”

Please, don’t.

So much for all of the distractions being out of One Jets Drive.

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