Josh Maurer (R).

An ongoing challenge with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has been the global issue of finding enough testing kits, and that’s affected some potentially-impacted broadcasters. One of those is Josh Maurer (seen at right above), who works as the play-by-play broadcaster for the (triple-A) Pawtucket Red Sox and the Boston College Eagles’ men’s basketball team. Maurer spoke to Steve Hewitt of The Boston Herald for a piece published Wednesday about his concerns over possibly contracting the virus and possibly spreading it to others:

In the span of a week, Maurer’s travels took him on two round trips that included eight different flights and seven airports. Maurer, who lives in Providence, R.I., had to fly commercially out of T.F. Green Airport, where he took a connecting flight to Tallahassee to call BC’s game at Florida State on March 7. He returned home before leaving a day later to fly to Greensboro, N.C., for the ACC tournament.

“I was very reluctant to travel at that time, but the games were being played and it’s my job and I had to do it,” Maurer said.

…“I was being I thought pretty vigilant, but the reality is, I think in the course of that week between going to Florida State, and then coming home and then going to the ACC tournament,” Maurer said, “I think I came into contact casually with more people during that week-long stretch than I do in any other week of my year.”

Maurer returned home Thursday, March 12 (following the cancellation of the ACC tournament) and quarantined himself, but wound up facing fever and shortness of breath (two key COVID-19 symptoms) by Saturday. He called around then and was unable to get tested. This Monday, he relayed that story on Twitter as a way to discuss the severity of this epidemic, and how the numbers may be much higher than the ones relayed officially. Here are those tweets.

As Hewitt writes, those tweets led to Cody Chrusciel reaching out to Maurer. Chrusciel runs Princeton’s broadcasting operations, and hired Maurer to fill in for a Princeton game at Brown on Feb. 28; it was only recently found that someone he worked with on that broadcast had since tested positive for COVID-19. So it’s quite possible Maurer picked it up there. And as Maurer told Hewitt, that’s a terrifying thought considering how many people he’s been in contact with then thanks to travel, even with all the precautions he tried to take to wipe down airline tray tables and seat belts and repeatedly wash his hands.

And that further adds to the issues with governments not being able to test everyone who’s been in contact with those confirmed to have the virus. Some in that situation have been tested (including San Francisco Giants’ broadcaster Jon Miller), but many have not. And Maurer’s story there is a frightening one, and one that illustrates how big this pandemic could be.

Update: Maurer tweeted April 2 that he’s recovering well:

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