Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless

As Skip Bayless yells and screams that he wants a debate with Draymond Green, his latest blunder signals that he might not be ready to share the screen with an NBA player.

Thursday morning, Bayless and his Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe were breaking down potential trade scenarios for Kevin Durant. And when they got to the Phoenix Suns, Bayless had a brutal Miles Bridges-Mikal Bridges mix-up.

“Who do the Suns got?” Sharpe asked, questioning if Phoenix has enough to give the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Durant. “Do I want Mikal Bridges?”

“Miles Bridges,” Bayless said to correct Sharpe. But Sharpe didn’t need correcting, Mikal Bridges plays for the Phoenix Suns and he has for four seasons. Miles Bridges plays for the Charlotte Hornets and has no relation to Mikal.

OK, no big deal, it was one name mix-up, they’ll get it right the next time. Nope. Seven minutes later, Sharpe correctly said Mikal Bridges of the Phoenix Suns, again. And just like last time, Bayless tried to correct Sharpe, even though Sharpe didn’t need correcting, again.

“No, Miles,” Bayless said confidently. “I thought it would be Miles Bridges, in Phoenix.”

Sharpe appeared confused as he asked, “is it Miles?” But as Bayless projected more confidence and wrongly stated Mikal Bridges plays for Charlotte, Sharpe eventually gave in and took his partner’s word. Not only does Miles Bridges play for the Charlotte Hornets, but he was recently arrested on felony domestic violence charges, which only reinforces the need for sports hosts to be extra careful when discussing his name.

The fact that the two incidents were seven minutes apart makes the blunder even worse because it gave Bayless time to realize he was wrong. Instead, Bayless doubled down on the error when Sharpe questioned him a second time. The gap also gave Undisputed’s producers time to correct Bayless, although there is no guarantee that he would have believed them even if they were in his ear.

Talking sports for two and a half hours a day, five days a week, there is bound to be an occasional name mix-up. But it was the pompous way Bayless defended his inaccurate information and forced Sharpe to doubt himself that made this one so cringeworthy.


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