Shaq loses it at Charles Barkley

Enjoy the hijinks between Shaq and Charles Barkley while you can, because at most, we only have two nights left with them this season.

The last three games between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics during the Eastern Conference Finals have ended in double-digit blowouts, but even when the action disappoints on the court, Inside the NBA rarely disappoints off it. Thursday night, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Shaq and Barkley were at it again as they attempted their best Boston accents.

Barkley was tasked with saying, “Saw Ernie at Fenway Park eating chowder on top of the monster,” with a Boston accent. And while Barkley’s play on New England’s dialect was awful and garnered a laugh, it was his accidental innuendo that sent the show off the rails.

“I would love to sit on top of the monster,” Barkley said. “I would donate money to charity to sit on top of the monster.”

Smith quickly recognized that Barkley’s request could be perceived as him wanting to sit on something other than Fenway Park’s Green Monster, noting, “Just a viral moment waiting to happen, man.”

“What you wanna sit on Chuck?” Shaq asked through hysterics, prompting Ernie Johnson to roll his eyes like a disappointed parent after realizing what the show was laughing at.

It was the third instance during the playoffs that Shaq laughed uncontrollably at something Barkley unknowingly said. Last month, Shaq lost it at Barkley saying “two balls,” and two weeks later he was hysterical again when Barkley bragged about his tight end. The only thing that can stop their childish sense of humor is the end of the Eastern Conference Finals, which will happen soon, subsequently sending Inside the NBA on summer break.

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