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LeBron James did what he could with the Los Angeles Lakers this season, willing them to the Western Conference Finals before they were swept away by Nikola Jokić and the Denver Nuggets.

The NBA superstar scored 40 points in Game 4 and had the chance to force overtime on the last play but his shot didn’t fall. Afterward, the four-time NBA champion fueled speculation that this could be his final season in the league.

LeBron had plenty of critics after the Game 4 loss and series sweep, most of whom were you might expect. One you might not have expected was former No. 1 pick and infamous NBA bust Kwame Brown, who took to social media to tear into James. Brown chastised James for worrying more about his stats than the outcome of the game and challenging the notion that he’s the greatest player in NBA history.

“If I had a LeBron James jersey, I’d be burning it right now,” Brown said. “If I had a LeBron James jersey, it would be on fire right now. … I watched the Laker game last night and I must say, the bust is upset. I thought the Lakers was going to win one. But they got the brooms put on’m.

“And so I discovered, LeBron, you not that, bruh. I’m sorry. I can’t hate to say it – you’re a stat sheet junkie. You a bad boy when it comes to stats. Throughout history, the little nerds are gonna look up your statline, and they gonna say ‘He’s gotta be the greatest player to ever play the game.’ And people who actually play are gonna know that is *******.”

Brown went viral over his comments, and that caught the attention of FS1’s Shannon Sharpe, who tore into Brown on Thursday’s episode of Undisputed.

“Kwame, of all the people, he should never ever question anybody’s greatness because this what we know – if there is a Mount Rushmore for busts in the NBA history, whether he’s first head, the second head, the third or the fourth, he’s on Mount Rushmore of busts NBA player. There’s no question,” said Sharpe, who has been accused of being a bit of a LeBron homer in the past.

Brown, seemingly ready to verbally rumble with anyone these days, responded to Sharpe’s criticisms pretty quickly on Thursday with an expletive-filled retort of his own.

“You a guest in the house of this basketball talk,” Brown said in a very NSFW social media video. “Didn’t you know that? And now since you don’t want to act like a guest in this ****, And you want to invalidate me, you football-playing dummy. *****, ain’t no first downs in basketball, clown. How you gonna try to invalidate a man who is the number one draft pick?

“You a guest in this house of basketball, *****. Ain’t no first downs in mother******* basketball. You big, tall, thick tongue punk mother******. You a thick tongue idiot. Did you not know that? Ain’t no first-downs in basketball, boy. So I don’t know what make you think that your opinion on basketball is more than mine?

“You a fanboy for LeBron. You emo. You called me emotional and you was finna fight a whole goddamn Memphis Grizzlies team because of your love affair with LeBron. You the reason why Ja Marant probably carrying guns right now. Ja Morant was like ‘Oh ****’ because a big *** ***** in a sweater, a grandma sweater trying to fight his daddy and the whole damn team.”

And so son…

We can only imagine what awaits us Friday morning when Undisputed returns and Sharpe responds.

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