Noah Eagle Nets takeover, screengrab via YES Network.

Noah Eagle will announce his first official Brooklyn Nets game this weekend after his first season calling Big Ten games on NBC in primetime has come to an end. But he got an early start to his YES Network gig while being interviewed after the first quarter during the Nets’ game with the Charlotte Hornets on Thursday night.

Noah was being interviewed while his dad Ian Eagle was at the broadcast table. And while Meghan Triplett was asking him questions about getting started with the Nets and following in his dad’s footsteps, Noah commandeered the play-by-play duties from him, taking the job for himself. That led to a hilarious back and forth between father and son that ended with Ian telling Noah to go clean his apartment.

That was pretty impressive for Noah to just jump into play-by-play from the sidelines, but some kind of interaction must have been planned given there aren’t many individuals that wear a headset for a sideline interview.

It’s a great sign that Noah Eagle shares his father’s sense of humor as Ian is one of the most likable and humorous announcers in the industry. While it would be fascinating to see them call a game together, the broadcast booth might not be big enough for the two of them.

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